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The Able Few provides technology consulting in Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Logstash, and Elasticsearch and specializes in solving complex problems related to consuming, processing, and analyzing large sets of data.  

Spencer Markowski

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We are always open to new types of adventure, perhaps we could partner with you on one or more of the following things?  

Startup Accelerator

Staff and Build

We can help you staff and build your product. We have a network of developers, designers, and product managers that can help you get your product off the ground.

The Able Few is a full-stack shop. We can help you build your product from the ground up, or help you scale your existing product. From the front-end to back-end, infrastructure to DevOps, to data ingestion and performance scaling, we've got you covered.

Product Strategy

We're here to help define your product strategy and roadmap. We can help you identify your target market, define your product, and build a roadmap to get you to market.

Understanding the big picture is our specialty. We can help you identify the right technologies, the right people, and the right processes to actualize your ideas.

Project Rescue

Ruby on Rails Upgrades

Is your application currently on Rails 5.x and you're considering the leap to Rails 8? No tests? Multiple apps? We're here to help!

We've been with Rails since the beginning. Our team is ready to guide you through the labyrinth of upgrading, ensuring no stone is left unturned. We'll create a comprehensive plan tailored to your application, ensuring a smooth transition to the latest Rails version. Let's future-proof your app together!

Process Overhauls

Operational success is more than just software. It's about people, process, and technology. We can help you identify and address the complex interdependencies between code bases, infrastructure, and organizational process often found in the nebulous spaces somewhere between software, process and people.

It's a phenomon we like to call Strange Spaghetti and we're here to help you untangle it.


Capacity Planning

With great experience in wielding massive database clusters that contain billions of records (and counting), we can help you dramatically improve how you manage and utilize Elasticsearch for your own projects.

Cluster Deployment

We assist you in deploying a new Elasticsearch cluster on our platform, Stretchy which allows your team to focus on building your product.

Cluster Analysis

We analyze your cluster to identify bottlenecks and problem areas, and make recommendations on how to remedy them based on your usage requirements. We can even help you implement those recommendations, too!


Supercharge your Rails apps with Elasticsearch and Opensearch models for Ruby on Rails

Businesses from early stage startups to publicly traded companies have turned to The Able few to help them solve their toughest challenges.   

Need someone to talk to? We are here for you.  

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